Our Instructors


SenseiByronByron Hornick has been involved in judo for many years.  His training started in Alymer, Quebec, and then across the river in Ottawa, Ontario.  Most recently Byron was an associate instructor at the Terra Nova Judo Club in Windsor.  Byron has always been very interested in the benefits of judo and this interest culminated in him receiving his black belt (Shodan) in 2011.  Byron is a NCCP Certified Level 2 Judo Coach (Dojo Instructor).



Mathieu Cornec (brown belt) has been with the Budo Judo Club since its inception.  Originally from France, Mathieu is here on a work assignment.  Mathieu is a NCCP Certified Level 1 Judo Coach (Dojo Assistant).  Mathieu is also NCCP Level 2 Trained Judo Coach (Dojo Instructor), he will receive certified status as a Dojo Instructor when he becomes a black belt.